AressCorp offers an aluminum railing system from a simple design but with endless possibilities. Round and square profiles, top mount or side mount, anodized aluminum (Inox look) or RAL color. The whole look Inox range consists of aluminum profiles that are anodized with a more low-tss 10 & 12 microns which is necessary in extreme conditions such as the climate, to stand firm. Our railings are so perfect for use both indoors and outdoors. Our catalog includes 23 different models of railings that can be classified in two categories.

Both functional and decorative, AressCorp door canopies make a clear statement at the entrance of your home. Manufactured from solid aluminum and powder coated, they can either be fitted with glass or solid polycarbonate.

AressCorp designs and manufactures furniture & lighting posts of cast aluminum for years squares, parks and private gardens decorate around the world.