Handrail Connector (Gold)


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Product Description

Handrail connector. Gold anodized aluminum ( stainless steel look).

Handrail connector for :

B52 Handrail .
Great Resistance. Extremely long service life and low maintenance costs.
Color stability. Anodizing offers highly resistant to UV radiation and doesn’t flake
or crack.
High aesthetics. Unlike other finishes, anodizing allows the aluminum to
maintain its metallic appearance.
Low cost. Installation and maintenance cost is much lower .
Safe and Durable. Anodizing is a chemically stable process. It is not toxic, does
not decompose and is highly resistant to heat.
Care & Maintenance.
Warm natural water and a mild soap is enough for cleaning B52 gold
anodized parts .In Small parts a soft cloth can be also used. If
there is fat remaining, a soft cloth and white spirit can be used.
Wash properly by using natural water.